Division of Avicenna for E-Learning

The Avicenna Division for E-Learning aims to promote e-learning by holding training courses and scientific seminars to develop the skills of faculty members in order to ensure the delivery of information to the learner and evaluate his performance in a short time and with less effort by being able to use modern technologies in modern education technology.

The achievement of this lies in the use of effective and correct e-learning tools in order to provide a variety of learning resources for the university student and to develop those resources and make them compatible with the quality of education in distance education and blended education.

There is an effective and joint cooperation with the Digital Transformation Division in the center in terms of developing digital educational content and supporting the production of electronic digital courses commensurate with the quality of higher education and assessing the university student’s learning outcomes through adopting electronic tests that ensure their sobriety.

Highest Visitors 05-27-2023 : 986

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